Pre-Contract Appraisal

The purchase of a home represents the largest single investment most people will ever make. A pre-contract appraisal allows a potential buyer to be an informed buyer and make the best decision for their particular situation. A pre-contract appraisal is an essential part of any purchase transaction. The professional appraisers at Marietta Home Appraiser understand residential construction and offer clients an expert opinion regarding the condition of a home’s components and value before the purchase is made.

A pre-contract appraisal will inform people of the true market value of a house. This will enable them to make an educated and informed decision on whether or not to purchase the home. They will also know the approximate amount to pay for it.  In addition, this information can be shared with the real estate agent and owner to show them a concrete market value. A pre-contract appraisal can reflect if the market is going up or down or possibly stable, and can reflect the current market conditions. By obtaining a pre-contract appraisal from Marietta Home Appraiser, we will help our clients get the most for their money.

Marietta Home Appraiser is Marietta’s top choice for professional and affordable pre-contract appraisals. Give us a call for your complimentary consultation and detailed quote. We have the experience and qualifications to meet all your appraisal needs.